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What are the Basic Principles of Halal Food Standards?

Muslims in accordance with Islamic provisions food, cosmetics and so on. The right to consume products is absolute. Muslims for centuries in accordance with Islamic provisions, food and so on. they had no problems in determining the consumption materials. Because the products consumed were simpler in content and mostly home type. However, with the recent technological developments, the breakthroughs and developments in the food sector brought about product diversity and content complexity.

In fact, the most basic principle of the halal food standard, as the name implies, is to ensure that the production of food in Islamic religion is mentioned as halal. Halal food is sought not only in our country, but also in the whole world where 1 billion Muslims live.

As a result of the studies carried out under the umbrella of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, three standards in the field of Halal Food certification were accepted and entered into force at the meeting held by the member countries of the Islamic Countries Standardization and Metrology Institute. These standards were adapted to our country in 2011 by the Turkish Standards Institute and were accepted as Turkish Standards.

The principles of Halal Food standards can be listed as follows.

The concept of halal food includes not only the compliance of the food with the requirements of religion, but also the cleanliness and hygiene quality and its suitability in terms of human values.
- Haram food concept includes not only the compliance of the food with the requirements of religion but also the quality of cleaning and hygiene and it is not suitable in terms of human values.
-Halal means allowed or legal. In the Qur'an and hadith, there are many foods and food that are not explained as forbidden.
- Haram means prohibited or illegal. Religiously forbidden to eat the forbidden food and sin.

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