FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System

What Are the Benefits of FSSC 22000?

FSSC 22000 is an internationally recognized, ISO-based certification program for the inspection and certification of food safety systems for food manufacturers in the entire food chain.

Foodborne problems not only create health problems, but also affect the social and economic structures of countries. Food trade globally contributes to national income while providing foreign exchange to food exporting countries and adding value to the food sector.

If food-borne risks persist, this will lead to serious health problems in all segments of the society, lower labor productivity and economic losses.

FSSC 22000 is suitable for any food production or processing organization. Producers of private label products for food retailers, whether working with animal or vegetable products, with a long shelf life, or other additives or vitamins, require a GFSI-approved certificate, such as FSSC 22000.

FSSC 22000 Benefits can be listed in general terms as follows

- By helping you improve food safety processes, FSSC 22000 can help reduce hazard and incident risk.
- With FSSC 22000 certification, you can increase your reputation, earn customers and reduce costs, increase your profits.
- FSSC 22000 shows you how to improve your processes and helps you optimize your resources by reducing your costs.
- Prioritizing access to international markets
- Ensuring the collective responsibility of all employees and thus implementing an effective self-control system
- Building trust in the supply chain 
- With FSSC 22000, you can prove that your products and services are high quality, healthy and reliable.
- The FSSC 22000 certification indicates that you have taken steps to reduce food safety hazards and reduce your risk of accidents.
- Ensuring the production of foodstuffs with prerequisite programs
- Improve the quality of foodstuffs
- To create a discipline in production activities 
- FSSC 22000 certification helps you to enter new markets and establish new partnerships.
- By following FSSC 22000, you can ensure that your business is of high quality by supporting the food industry.
- Based on FSSC 22000, ISO 22000 and HACCP, simplifies your food safety studies and improves your documents and procedures.

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